FOND Annual Photos

As I mentioned on the 1979 page, I officially joined FOND in 1980. When I received my first membership card it came with a black and white photo of Neil. The same thing happened with every new membership card for about the next 25 years. This video slideshow is built around the 24 photos that are among the fan club materials I have collected since then. It’s possible there were other photos that I somehow forgot to save, but I’m pretty sure I still have most of them.

None of the original photos are marked to indicate the year when FOND included it with the membership renewal. So the sequence in which they appear in the video slideshow is random and arbitrary.


FOND Annual Photos Gallery

Click the Photo Gallery icon on the right to view the individual pictures that appeared in the video.


  1. JackieB

    Awesome slide show, and perfect song to use for these pics. LOVE it!!

    • Bernie

      Thanks JackieB. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it!

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