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I created most of the video slide shows on this website using pictures that were included in the FOND newsletters for the year that’s being highlighted. You can watch a video full screen by clicking on the image shown in the lower right-hand corner of the video player that looks like this:
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Newsletters often included articles about Neil from other publications. You can read those by clicking on the News Clips icons.
If you see any Other News icons, click on those to see additional news articles for that month that I personally collected but that were not included in the actual newsletter.
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Although I first became a Neil diamond fan in 1975, I didn’t find out about Friends of Neil Diamond (FOND) until 1980. Wendy Allison, who was the fan club administrator back then, apparently sent me some back issues of the newsletter when I signed up. The oldest ones I found in my collection are from 1978. There are only two … June and December. There were four issues published nearly every year after that. Perhaps there were only two issues in 1978, or maybe Wendy just didn’t send all of them to me. I guess it’s also possible that she sent four issues but I just misplaced two of them.

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  1. Eydie

    It’s wonderful to look at the old newsletters again. They bring back a lot of great memories!

  2. Sherri

    I was a member of FOND for many years and I still have the newsletters safely packed away! Looking forward to being a part of this fabulous group again!

    • Bernie P

      Welcome Sherri. Just to clarify, this is not FOND’s site, although I’m sure as we grow we’ll learn that many of the folks who join us here, like you, have been (and perhaps still are) FOND members. You probably already figured that out, but I just wanted to make sure.

  3. Nanciellen18

    I have been a ND fan since I saw him in concert several times.He gets better w/ age.

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